About Smart Academy


Delivering Actionable Insight to our Customers through the Internet of Things


Vianet was established in 1995 and has been an AIM listed business since 2006. With over 300 Customers including a number of global, blue chip companies and more than 230,000 devices connected to our platform, our experience and knowledge combine to form a powerful technology and insight capability that few can match.


Vianet's Smart Academy brings a wealth of experience from the Leisure, Vending, Technology, Customer Service, Personal Development and Leadership & Management Sectors plus our Industry data and insight to your business via online and classroom learning. 


Our Mission

To be the recognised leader in delivering unparalleled insight and actionable information that is game changing for Customers in our chosen markets.


Our Business Strategy

  • Delivering unparalleled insight and actionable information to Customers that drives real change.
  • Developing game changing solutions by empowering talented people focused on positively transforming business performance.
  • Securing long term contracts with recurring high cash margin annuity streams that are scalable.

Tom Highfield


Learning & Development professional with experience in employee growth, process management, end to end design and performance monitoring.

Knowledge and experience on developing and delivering user focused training making the environment and content as engaging as possible. 

Michelle Staniforth

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m the Head of People & Development here at Vianet. 

My passion for people and their development has been at the core of my career for 30 years.  As a leader, coach and mentor, there’s nothing more satisfying than helping others to realise their potential and working with them whilst they achieve it.

On behalf of the team, I’d like to welcome you to SmartAcademy.

Abigail Thompson


Introduction to follow.




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